Monday 7 January 2013

The Nikon D5200, should I upgrade from Nikon D90?

If you have a Nikon D90 you might like to know if the Nikon D5200 is a good upgrade for you. Or if you just want to buy a new camera and you choice comes down to the Nikon D90 or the Nikon D5200.

Here is what you get if you buy/upgrade to the Nikon D5200:
  • You get a 24 MP sensor, where it is only is 12 MP in the Nikon D90. The new sensor has been measured yet at Dxomark, but expect the performance to be a little bit better than the Nikon D3200, so you will get a nice performance upgrade with better high ISO, more dynamic range. This means that you get better image quality
  • You get a better metering engine in the Nikon D5200. This means that there is a better chance of you getting a picture with right exposure (not to light or not to dark) as it has more information to decide the exposure
  • You get better better high ISO performance where you now can push the ISO to 25600 vs 6400 in the Nikon D90. That is two stops better. So with this you can take pictures in more dark situations without using flash
  • You get a better autofocus engine. The Nikon D90 uses the intro autofocus engine from Nikon, where the autofocus is a middle model in the Nikon D5200. This will mean you have a better chance of getting a sharp image.
  • You get a lot more in video options. The Nikon D90 was the one that introduced the video to the DSLR market for Nikon, but a lot has happened since and with the D5200 you get possibility to use autofocus in video mode and to shoot in Full HD. If you use the DSLR camera to shoot a lot of video this alone is reason enough to upgrade
  • You get a swipe LCD screen which is primary known from the point-and-shoot cameras.
Here is what you loose from the Nikon D90:
  • If you have older non AF-S lenses. You might want to consider the D7000 or wait for an upgrade to this camera. The Nikon D5200 wouldn't autofocus with these lenses
  • The viewfinder in the Nikon D90 is closer to real life with a magnification factor of 0.94x vs a magnification factor of 0.78x in the Nikon D5200. Not that important as you quickly will get use to the new viewfinder.
The Nikon D5200 is a great upgrade from the Nikon D90, where there are four main factors that might lead you to an upgrade. Better sensor, better metering, better autofocus and a lot more video options. The only reason not to upgrade is if you have a lot of non AF-S lenses. Then you might want to take a look at the Nikon D7000 or wait to see what gets introduced in 2013.

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