Monday 28 January 2013

Canon 650D/T4i vs Canon 600D/T3i: What to buy?

What makes these two models difference? They are in the same product line, with the Canon 650D being a follow up to the Canon 600D.
Canon 600D

Here is what is new and better in the Canon 650D:
  • The sensor size is about the same. They scores also about the same level at Dxomarks with the older 600D a little bit higher, but expect them to have the same level of output.
  • The image processor is a newer model, which means it should process the pictures better and faster
  • The autofocus points are of crosstype in all 9 points vs just one in the Canon 600D. This means that it will be better at getting a sharp image.
  • The ISO can be pushed one step higher to ISO 25600 in the Canon 650D, so you will be able to take pictures in more dark situations without flash
  • The Canon 650D can shoot at 5 frames per second vs 3.7 frames per second in the Canon 600D. This is important if you shoot a lot of action or wildlife
The current price difference is $150 (January 2013). Does the above quality for spending and extra $150 dollars? Well for some having better autofocus, go higher in ISO and shoot more frames per second will be important, but for most people I would recommend going for the cheaper Canon 600D and use the saved money on some better lens, which is the second part of the equation of making good pictures.

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