Friday 11 January 2013

Nikon D5200, an upgrade option for Nikon D3000 users?

If you are a Nikon D3000 user you might have had your camera for a couple of years and thinks that it is time to move on to a more advance camera. You might look at the Nikon D5200 and wonder if this is the right choice for you.

Here is what you get extra from the Nikon D5200:
  • You get a better sensor. In the Nikon D5200 the sensor is 24 mega pixel vs 10 mega pixel in the Nikon D3000. This means that you get some bigger image files which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that it will give you more details and better options to crop the picture. The disadvantage is that you get bigger image files, which will have a greater demand on you PC/MAC for post image work. The sensor is better in every way. 
  • You can still use the same memory cards
  • You get to capture faster action. In the D3000 you can push the camera to 3 frames per second, but in the D5200 you can push it to 5 frames per second. What this really means that if you shoot sport or wildlife then you get a much better chance of grabbing a good picture
  • The metering engine is better. What this really means is that there is a higher chance of you getting a picture with the right amount of light and darkness.
  • You get the options to do exposure bracketing. This is important in difficult light situations like sunrise and sunset situations, where you can make the camera take more than one picture of the same situation with different exposure settings
  • You get better high ISO options. First the pictures in high ISO will be better and second you can push the camera to ISO 25600 which is 3 stop higher. This will make it easier to take pictures indoor without using the flash
  • The autofocus is better. This means that there is a higher chance of getting a sharp image 
  • The camera has a swipe LCD screen like you might know from the point-and-shoot cameras
  • The camera can shoot video movies up to Full HD
  •  and the LCD screen is better with a higher resolution, so it is easier to watch details in you images for quick review
What you loose in moving to the Nikon D5200 from the D3000 is:
  • The body is a little bit larger (not much) and a little bit heavier (still not much)
The Nikon D5200 is a really nice package if you want to move on from your Nikon D3000 with a lot of great options that you don't have in your Nikon D3000. This camera can take you to the next step in shooting pictures, but it is not the only options. Check out some of the other articles which compares the D5200 to a number of other cameras here on the site.
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