Tuesday 22 January 2013

Nikon D3200 vs D7000: What to buy?

With the two year newer Nikon D3200 you might consider to buy this camera instead of the Nikon D7000 as it is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. Look here what the difference is.

Here is why you might want to buy the Nikon D3200:
  • It has a newer sensor, but the sensor scores about the same as the sensor in the Nikon D7000. You just get some bigger image files with the same image quality
  • It is a smaller and not as heavy camera, which can be an important factor for you.
Here is why you might want to buy the Nikon D7000:
  • It has a second card slot, which could be important if you shoot a lot of video and pictures as it will give you more space or you can use it to make a backup at the time you take the picture/movie
  • The viewfinder is bigger and more clear, so you will be able to see the things you take picture of more clearly
  • It has the possibility to autofocus with non AF-S lenses, which lenses that were introduced before year 2000, but some of the lenses are still sold as new today
  • It has the possibility to shoot at 1/8000 second, but 99% of all photographers wouldn't need this
  • It can shoot pictures at 6 frames per second vs 4 frames per second in the Nikon D3200. This can be important if you shoot a lot of action or wildlife.
  • The metering engine in the Nikon D7000 is better, so there is better chance of getting a right exposure in hard light situations like sunrise and sunset
  • The camera has bracketing function where the camera automatic takes a couple of pictures with different settings, which is a good feature to have under hard light situations
  • The ISO can be pushed to 25600, so you can shoot in more dark situations without using a flash
  • The autofocus is better, so there is a better chance of capturing a sharp picture 
If you just want to take pictures and movies then you should go for the Nikon D3200. If you like to explore the camera, use advance functions and shoot action and wildlife pictures then you should go for the Nikon D7000 camera.

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