Tuesday 7 February 2012

D800 my next camera?

I have long been waiting for when for when my next potential body is coming. I know that it will be an important choice as it will be a body that will most likely live as long as my existing body (Nikon D2X). I know what ever I end up with will be a major jump forward. So what do I want?

I would like a body that is better than my existing in low-light situations. That should be easy as Nikon D2X is exactly know for being a good low-light camera. But then again I don't think I need the Nikon D4 or similar ability. That is more a nice to have feature.

I would like to keep the option of having to use my Nikon DX lenses as I  have some of these and I don't want to drop all these, but I also have some Nikon FX lenses. Besides I like the DX format to be able to get closer to objects, but then you loose out on the wide shoots. So a camera that has both.

I would like the body to have a gps tagging of the pictures. I can't really understand why this hasn't been included in bodys so far. The chips is pretty easy and it shouldn't be that hard to make software that easy enable and disable it if you are affraid of battery usage.

I would like to have autofocus that is close to what I have in the Nikon D2X and the manual control option that also are in this camera.

So what I am looking for is a semi-pro camera that is full frame with options to use DX lenses and that format. Enter the Nikon D800. It is a semi-pro/pro camera. It is a full frame camera with a acceptable DX format.

So Nikon D800 might be my next camera, but price is a bit high, so what I am hoping for is that sometime in 2013 Nikon will produce a camera with some of the same specs (and a gps) and around the $2000 mark. Otherwise I might need to try and find the money for the Nikon D800. 2013 (or late 2012) might be the time for the next camera body.

Nikon brochure: http://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/dslr/d800/pdf/d800_28p.pdf

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