Tuesday 27 November 2012

Canon DSLR prediction 2013 (7D Mark II and more)

I have done the DSLR prediction for Nikon and now is the time for Canon. Canon has over the last couple of years announced 2-4 models each year, so it is very likely that 2013 will be the same.

The easy part is that there will be a 7D Mark II model. It seem like the battle between Nikon and Canon will focus on this segment in the start of the year. Who will arrive first and how will they match up against each other. Only time will tell. This would be the high end model from Canon in the APS-C world.

In the second part of the year the semi-professional model 60D will be upgraded to a 70D model with some of the same features as in the 7D Mark II, but in a smaller scale where some of the more advanced features have been removed.

A guess could be the entry model 650D also gets replaced as it has been upgrade each year for the last couple of years, but I think Canon will skip next year with no upgrade to the entry model, so there will be no Canon 700D.

Just like with Nikon I believe that both companies wants to introduce a cheaper model below the 6D and it should be interesting to see if 2013 will be the year for this. I believe that Canon will ship one for the Christmas season of 2013 for around $1400.

It will be also be interesting to see if Canon will play the high megapixel game that Nikon started with their Nikon D800.

Canon will deliver at least one Full-frame DSLR camera next year. So I guess that will round it up. Two models for APS-C market and one for the Full-frame market.

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Best place to find your next photography gear

I have created a major update to my list to photography equipment, so that it includes both lenses and camera body. The expansion also includes Canon equipment. So now it possible to get an overview of all current Canon and Nikon lenses (with a lot of older lenses too) and all Canon and Nikon digital camera SLR bodies.

So why the expansion to include Canon equipment? Well I am not switching to Canon equipment. I am very happy with the Nikon equipment that I have. There are several reasons:
  1. I have some friends that are Canon users and I want to help them too
  2. I would like more visitors on my web-site
  3. And I want to make some comparison between Canon and Nikon equipment
The Canon part isn't as big as Nikon yet, but my goal is that it should be about the same amount of articles. Someday Canon might even have more articles. Who knows? Here are links to the different sections:
As always. If you have something that needs to be in some of the lists or you have some correction to the list. Leave a comment or contact me on G+ (see the icon with link in the right sidebar).

Enjoy ;-)

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Thursday 22 November 2012

Nikon DSLR prediction 2013 (D7100/D7200 and more)

The year is almost over and it has been a very busy year for Nikon as it has been a record year with 6 DSLR. Two of them are almost the same (D800 and D800E), but still a record year.

In 2012 Nikon has introduced the following cameras:

  • D4 (16 mp full-frame)
  • D800E (36 mp full-frame)
  • D800 (36 mp full-frame)
  • D600 (24 mp full frame)
  • D5200 (24 mp DX frame)
  • D3200 (24 mp DX frame)
This is a great deal of the product lines that got an upgrade in 2012, with only a small amount that hasn't been upgrade. This include:
  • D7000
  • D300s
  • D700
  • D3X
So it is among these that we are going to see an upgrade unless we are going to see completely new models, which we saw this year with D600 and D800. Next year will be more like a normal year where Nikon creates 3-4 models. 

The most obvious model to come is the D7100/D7200. This will be (as I have written before) and model to replace the D300s and the D7100. There isn't enough market for both models as I have written about in this blog post: What to expect from the replacement of D7000 and D300? This will be the only DX announcement next year, but a D3300 might sneak in as it replacement, but I think that one will wait for 2014. A surprise might be a mirrorless D1000, but it might also be the D3300 model that is going to be mirrorless.

Then we are going to see some FX models. Most likely two. There will be a replacement for the D700 with the 16 mp sensor from the D4, BUT it will be not so close as the D700 was to the D3. And my guess is that is going to be called D710. 

The other FX model to expect is the D400 entry model in the FX world, where you get the same 24 mp as in the D600, but will a lot less features. This might depend on the sales of D600. If it keeps going strong they might wait until 2014. 

There might also be a D4X model with maybe 48 mp where Nikon really is going into the medium format with this camera.

Even with a smaller number of announcement in 2013. It is still going to be an interesting year.

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Sunday 18 November 2012

What to expect from the replacement of D7000 and D300?

Everyone that has an advance Nikon DX camera model like the Nikon D7000, Nikon D300 or similar is waiting for their upgrade model, which comes under many names, but most likely will be called D7100.

I am sure there will be a new model above the D5200 as it is missing some important features that some Nikon DX users demand in their camera. So lets take a look at what might be important:
  • Autofocus. The new D5200 has the autofocus system from the D7000, so Nikon has to deliver something here as this is one of the main reason why you go up a model.  My guess is that we are going to see a DX version of the autofocus engine from D800 and D4. Lets call it the Multi-CAM3500DX.
  • Lightmetering: It has to have a better lightmetering than the D5200 which has a 2016 pixel mode. Again it will look at the Nikon D800 and D4 and take the 91k lightmeter.
  • It has to have 100% viewfinder coverage
  • It has to autofocus with older lenses
  • It has to have a fast fps. With at least 6 or 7 fps like the Nikon D300
  • It has to have a shutter speed of 1/8000
All in all it has to target the users that want to stay with DX format for things like using the crop factor to your advantage, when you shoot wild life or other fast moving subjects. A sports camera for those that can't afford the Nikon D4. And the price should fit in around $1600. Would this be a body you would buy? What feature can you live without?

All of the above is just speculation from my point...

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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Are we ever going to see a Nikon D400?

The short answer is yes we are going to see a Nikon D400 simply because it is a number that fits in well with what Nikon already have a model names like D600, D700 and D800.

What may come as surprise (my guess) is that is going to be something completely different than people expects.

At the moment people are expecting an upgrade for D300s which is way overdue. Got a nasty surprise a couple of days ago where I visited Nikons web-site and saw that you are still able to buy it. Wonder if there are even selling those anymore. Why not go for the D7000 if you are going to buy an advanced DX camera?

Well the D400 has been a wishing camera upgrade for advanced DX users for several years and Nikon has nothing to show for it. My guess is that many of them now are moving on to FX which just might what Nikon wants. Some have taken the D800 where you get a D7000 mp DX camera inside if you need that and then you still have the FX feature. Others are hoping on to the D600 wagon and seeing what a wonderful camera this is.

Yes there will an upgrade for D7000/D300/D300s next year (2013) some time early summer or late spring. Why not before. Well they want all you advance DX users to buy a D600 or D800 because there are more money in it for them as they get to upgrade your lens collection to.

The D400 will in 2013/2014 be the new entry level FX camera when the sales of D600 and D800 is going down. Just look at the numbers. In DX they are going for D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx and in FX they have the D8xx and the D6xx. Do you see a pattern?

My guess for the year 2013 in DSLR from Nikon is called:

- D7100 the most advanced DX camera (most likely spring time)
- D400 entry FX model (most likely late autumn)
- D4X medium format FX camera (not sure about this one)

And a surprise might be a D1000 as the first mirrorless DX camera...

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Sunday 11 November 2012

Wet autumn leaf

It is just the season for trips to the woods and when the color is like this you just have to take some nice pictures. For some reason I have a thing for taking pictures of leaves with my macro at the moment and when the weather is a bit wet like today it gives you the possibility of creating some very nice pictures of these leaves.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 

[1/500s, f/3.2, ISO 3200]

This is where the picture were taken:

Sadly it started out with a bit of foggy weather when we drove from home, but that was gone when we came to the place. Better luck next time.

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Thursday 8 November 2012

Nikon D7000, Nikon D300 upgrade options? Is it D5200?

Are one photographers of the more advanced Nikon DX cameras like the Nikon D7000, D300, D90, D200 or other like those, then you might wonder what are your upgrade options.

If you ask me I think that Nikon has forgotten those users. There have been a long wait for an upgrade for Nikon D300 users. I think a lot of them have waited for the Nikon D400, which may or may not appear any time. The same with Nikon D90 users where there are the Nikon D7000, but would you buy one now that the Nikon D5200 has been annonced. I don't think so. 

Nikon normally has upgraded it's topmodel first and then move down to the smaller cameras, but recently they have flipped in the DX world and upgraded the entry model (D3200) first and now the middle model (D5200) and one can only guess what is coming next. Most likely the D7100. 

I think that DX users can forget about the Nikon D400 or similar. That aren't coming to the market. You options (for those models listed above) is to wait for the D7100 or go to the full frame with the Nikon D600. 

So sad to say it, but unless you want to go down in model to the D5200, then your only option is to wait and  it is sadly that it is going to be a longer wait. The indication that Nikon is waiting to the start of next year to present the Nikon D5200 in the USA only shows that there wouldn't be any new DX cameras in January. You have to wait to at least February or Marts with a delivery date one month later.

Why the long wait? Well they want most of the users to move to Nikon D600, which would boost they lens sales. The question is how long time do they dare to wait? 

Links to Nikon D5200 articles:

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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Nikon D3200 vs Nikon D5200 - what to buy

So which of these cameras should you buy? Forget the Nikon D7000 if you are going to buy a DX camera. What is the difference and when do you need to buy the D3200 and when do you need to buy the D5200.
A couple of days ago I wrote an article about this based on the rumors and there isn't much that has changed now that the Nikon D5200 has been introduced. 8/10 should still go for the Nikon D3200 as the extra features that are coming with the Nikon D5200 isn't that big of a deal for most Nikon shooters in this category. Let me run through the main reason why you might buy the Nikon D5200:
  • Autofocus: The D5200 has 39 points vs 11 points in the D3200. The autofocus system comes from the Nikon D7000. What this really means is that autofocus will be a lot better in the Nikon D5200 than the Nikon D3200. This should be the main reason why you might want to buy the Nikon D5200 over the Nikon D3200. Do you need it? Well it depends on what you are going to shoot. If it is slow moving subjects like landscape, family events and as a tourist camera you don't really need the better autofocus. If you are shooting fast moving action like children player some kind of sport, then you better go with the D5200.
  • Light metering: 2016 pixel sensor vs 420 pixel sensor. What this means is that it will in some situations give you a better light metering in the Nikon D5200 over the Nikon D3200. If you are going to shoot a lot in hard light conditions (large difference between light and dark) then you should go for the Nikon D5200
  • High speed: 5 fps in the Nikon D5200 vs 4 fps in the Nikon D3200. Not an important difference
  • Iso push: 25600 in the Nikon D5200 vs 12800 in the Nikon D3200. Yes you can take pictures where it is more dark, but it is much so not really a major difference
  • Flip screen in the Nikon D5200. Nice to have in a compact camera, but in a DSLR not really an important feature
  • Bracketing: This is an important feature for the advanced photographer, but most people wouldn't even notice that this feature isn't available in the D3200.
So all in all you have to think one or two of the above features is important to your shooting to choose the D5200 over the D3200. List price difference is 400 euro or 500 us dollar which is a lot just to have those extra features.

If I was going to buy my first DSLR or upgrade from a D40 or similar I would go for the D3200 and get to know what is like to shoot with DSLR.

What is missing here is for the more advanced DX shooters. They don't really have an option at the moment. They could go FX, but it is expensive and require that you do something with your lens collection. Otherwise I would wait. It can't be long before the D7000 also gets an upgrade to something similar with the D5200 just with more features. If you are a D200, D300 or similar user waiting for a D400 or similar you choices are either for the D7100 or go to full frame. I don't believe there will be a D400 DX version. 

Links to Nikon D5200 articles:

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Monday 5 November 2012

Do you have the right Nikon standard zoom lens?

Do you think you have the right standard zoom lens for your Nikon DSLR or are you looking for a new lens to your system. Take a look at this analysis I have created for you. It lists a lot of articles about the different options that you have:

It is the professionel lenses that tops the list which doesn't come as any surprise. The big surprise is that one of the lenses from the film days are doing very well here in the new full frame world. And guess what I have that lens and it has been packed away for 8 years and I even thought that I would sell it to help pay for the new Nikon body, but know I am going to keep it until I decide to upgrade my standard zoom.

If there are any other lenses you are looking for take a look here to start your research or just get an overview over which are available. You might even learn something about the lenses that you already have.

If you have written an article yourself about the lens (doesn't even have to be an review). Let me know, so we can get a good collection of articles about the Nikon lenses.

More is coming soon and the goal is to also have Canon lists by the end of the year. Enjoy ;-)

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Saturday 3 November 2012

Nikon D3200 vs Nikon D5200 based on rumors

A new camera is on the market from Nikon and if you are upgrading from existing camera or just wanted to buy your first Nikon camera you might wonder what camera to buy.

This year Nikon has introduced two DX camera. The Nikon D3200 and the Nikon D5200 and you might wonder what is the difference between the two cameras.

Based on rumors the difference between the two cameras looks to be minimal:

  • You will be able to go up higher in ISO, but not something most will use as the IQ isn't that good over ISO 6400
  • There will be a better metering, so you have a better chance of getting the right exposure in difficult light
  • You will be able to shoot 5 fps vs 4 fps
There has to be more to it that this. Might be build in wifi, build in gps or something different for the buyers to want to buy the D5200 vs the D3200. We will see next week...

Based on this information it is very minimal with the better metering as the only really serious reason to buy the rumored D5200, so the advice at this point is to buy the great Nikon D3200 or wait for the D7100, which I guess will be the next to be upgraded maybe in the start of the new year.

Links to Nikon D5200 articles:

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Thursday 1 November 2012

Wide angle lenses added to the lens datbase

Well another section is done. It is the section about the wide lenses. This is where you want to go if you want something that is light in weight or/and if you need to shoot pictures at very low light or indoor. There are some extremely great lenses among them, where the 16mm fisheye is a bit of a surprise as a very sharp lens, but also a special purpose lens. Otherwise it is the newer 24mm 1.4g, 35mm 1.4g and 28mm 1.8g that offers some of the best lenses. So here are the complete list:
More is coming soon and the goal is to also have Canon lists by the end of the year. Enjoy ;-)
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