Thursday 22 November 2012

Nikon DSLR prediction 2013 (D7100/D7200 and more)

The year is almost over and it has been a very busy year for Nikon as it has been a record year with 6 DSLR. Two of them are almost the same (D800 and D800E), but still a record year.

In 2012 Nikon has introduced the following cameras:

  • D4 (16 mp full-frame)
  • D800E (36 mp full-frame)
  • D800 (36 mp full-frame)
  • D600 (24 mp full frame)
  • D5200 (24 mp DX frame)
  • D3200 (24 mp DX frame)
This is a great deal of the product lines that got an upgrade in 2012, with only a small amount that hasn't been upgrade. This include:
  • D7000
  • D300s
  • D700
  • D3X
So it is among these that we are going to see an upgrade unless we are going to see completely new models, which we saw this year with D600 and D800. Next year will be more like a normal year where Nikon creates 3-4 models. 

The most obvious model to come is the D7100/D7200. This will be (as I have written before) and model to replace the D300s and the D7100. There isn't enough market for both models as I have written about in this blog post: What to expect from the replacement of D7000 and D300? This will be the only DX announcement next year, but a D3300 might sneak in as it replacement, but I think that one will wait for 2014. A surprise might be a mirrorless D1000, but it might also be the D3300 model that is going to be mirrorless.

Then we are going to see some FX models. Most likely two. There will be a replacement for the D700 with the 16 mp sensor from the D4, BUT it will be not so close as the D700 was to the D3. And my guess is that is going to be called D710. 

The other FX model to expect is the D400 entry model in the FX world, where you get the same 24 mp as in the D600, but will a lot less features. This might depend on the sales of D600. If it keeps going strong they might wait until 2014. 

There might also be a D4X model with maybe 48 mp where Nikon really is going into the medium format with this camera.

Even with a smaller number of announcement in 2013. It is still going to be an interesting year.

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Renatíssimo said...

I would like to buy an D7000. Should I wait for D7100?

Unknown said...

Either that or consider the D5200. It has the many of the same features of the D7000 (metering, autofocus), but has a newer sensor. You should at least wait a week or two. There is a big show in US, where they might announce a D7100, but I don't expect it. You might want to check out this article I wrote:

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Regarding the D3200 vs D5100. I would go for the Nikon D3200. It has the better sensor and has gotten a number of feature upgrades, so in feature terms it is pretty close to the Nikon D5100