Tuesday 27 November 2012

Best place to find your next photography gear

I have created a major update to my list to photography equipment, so that it includes both lenses and camera body. The expansion also includes Canon equipment. So now it possible to get an overview of all current Canon and Nikon lenses (with a lot of older lenses too) and all Canon and Nikon digital camera SLR bodies.

So why the expansion to include Canon equipment? Well I am not switching to Canon equipment. I am very happy with the Nikon equipment that I have. There are several reasons:
  1. I have some friends that are Canon users and I want to help them too
  2. I would like more visitors on my web-site
  3. And I want to make some comparison between Canon and Nikon equipment
The Canon part isn't as big as Nikon yet, but my goal is that it should be about the same amount of articles. Someday Canon might even have more articles. Who knows? Here are links to the different sections:
As always. If you have something that needs to be in some of the lists or you have some correction to the list. Leave a comment or contact me on G+ (see the icon with link in the right sidebar).

Enjoy ;-)

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