Thursday 8 November 2012

Nikon D7000, Nikon D300 upgrade options? Is it D5200?

Are one photographers of the more advanced Nikon DX cameras like the Nikon D7000, D300, D90, D200 or other like those, then you might wonder what are your upgrade options.

If you ask me I think that Nikon has forgotten those users. There have been a long wait for an upgrade for Nikon D300 users. I think a lot of them have waited for the Nikon D400, which may or may not appear any time. The same with Nikon D90 users where there are the Nikon D7000, but would you buy one now that the Nikon D5200 has been annonced. I don't think so. 

Nikon normally has upgraded it's topmodel first and then move down to the smaller cameras, but recently they have flipped in the DX world and upgraded the entry model (D3200) first and now the middle model (D5200) and one can only guess what is coming next. Most likely the D7100. 

I think that DX users can forget about the Nikon D400 or similar. That aren't coming to the market. You options (for those models listed above) is to wait for the D7100 or go to the full frame with the Nikon D600. 

So sad to say it, but unless you want to go down in model to the D5200, then your only option is to wait and  it is sadly that it is going to be a longer wait. The indication that Nikon is waiting to the start of next year to present the Nikon D5200 in the USA only shows that there wouldn't be any new DX cameras in January. You have to wait to at least February or Marts with a delivery date one month later.

Why the long wait? Well they want most of the users to move to Nikon D600, which would boost they lens sales. The question is how long time do they dare to wait? 

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