Friday 22 February 2013

Nikon D7100 vs D5200: What to buy?

These two new cameras have both been introduced over the last couple of months and isn't that far apart when it comes to features, so which one should you choose?

Here is what you get extra in the Nikon D7100:
  • You get a 1.3x mode where the camera crops the picture just as you take the picture in about 16 megapixel size and it gives you an extra speed in frames per second, so this is a great feature for those that take action or wild life pictures
  • You get an extra card slot, which you can use to take more pictures/video or you can use it to take backup of the pictures just as you take them
  • The viewfinder is bigger and you don't loose the edge around the picture frame as you do in the Nikon D5200
  • The Nikon D7100 has the possibility to autofocus with older non af-s lenses. So if you have some of these lenses and uses them, then you should go for the Nikon D7100
  • The Nikon D7100 can shoot at the speed of 1/8000 vs 1/4000 in the Nikon D5200. Most people wouldn't use this speed, so it shouldn't be a deciding factor
  • The flash sync goes up to 1/250 vs 1/200 in the Nikon D5200. Again most people wouldn't use this kind of speed
  • The Nikon D7100 can in 1.3x mode shoot 7 frames per second vs 5 frames per second in the Nikon D5200. This can be very important if you shoot action or wildlife pictures as it could just be the perfect frame you capture.
  • The autofocus model in the D7100 is the top module and shares the features with the top FX models like D4 and D800, where the autofocus module in the D5200 is more of a middle level autofocus. This could just mean the option that get you sharp pictures in difficult situations
Here is what you get extra in the Nikon D5200:
  • You get a camera with a flip LCD screen, which could be a nice feature if you use live view a lot to take pictures and not the viewfinder
  • The camera body is smaller and lighter, which also could be a very nice feature if you need to carry along you camera all day
  • It is about $400 dollar cheaper to buy.
For some people having more frames per second, a pro level body, autofocus with older lenses and just a better autofocus module is important and those will go for the Nikon D7100. Most people just don't need all those great extra features and can settle with the Nikon D5200. This is still a great camera with some pro level features. If you are an action or wildlife photographer you really should go for the Nikon D7100 as there are just to many great features to give up not going for the Nikon D7100. Other photographers will be happy with the Nikon D5200.

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