Sunday 10 February 2013

Canon 7D vs 650D/T4i: What to buy?

How do a semi professional body like the Canon 7D compare vs the mid level model like the Canon 650D/T4i? Look here for the answer.

Here is what makes the Canon 7D better than the Canon 650D/T4i:
  • The size of the sensor and performance of the image sensor is about the same according to the Dxomark. Both are 18 megapixel sensors, but the sensor of the Canon 7D is a little bit better in every category, but the difference isn't that big, so you wouldn't see a major difference in the images that comes out of the two cameras
  • The autofocus system of the Canon 7D is a great deal better that the one that the autofocus system in the Canon 650D/T4i. The Canon 7D has 19 crosstype autofocus points where the Canon 650D/T4i only has 9 of the same type, so the Canon 7D has more autofocus points to acquire focus and get a sharper image
  • In the Canon 7D it is possible to make small adjustments to how the lenses autofocus with the camera, so it works perfectly with the camera
  • The Canon 7D can shoot at 1/8000, but only very few ever users this speed of their camera
  • The Canon 7D has a complete viewfinder, so you get a complete view of the picture you take, where a bit of the border isn't visible in the Canon 650D/T4i
  • The Canon 7D can shoot at 8 frames per second which is almost twice as fast as the Canon 650D/t4i with 5 frames per second. This is important if you shoot action or wildlife.
  • The Canon 7D has more custom functions so there it is possible to better fit the camera to your shooting style
  • The body is a professional build that can resist water and dust on some levels
  • The battery can last longer before it has to be recharged, where it is possible to take double as many pictures before needing a recharge.
Here is what makes the Canon 650D/T4i better than the Canon 7D:
  • The ISO can be pushed to ISO 25600 which is one step higher than the Canon 7D, but the performance at high ISO is still better in the Canon 7D. It gives the users of Canon 650D/T4i the possibility to take pictures in dark situations without a flash
  • The body is smaller and lighter which can be important for some photographers 
The price difference at the moment (February 2013) is about $260, which isn't that much when you see that it is the top APC camera vs one of the entry models. This only confirms the difference shown above. Yes you get a lot of extra nice features with the Canon 7D and if you have photography as a hobby then it would be wise to go for the more expensive 7D, but for a lot of people the Canon 650D/T4i should be enough of a camera. We can only hope to see a new top model from Canon soon with a higher degree of extra features compared to the Canon 650D/T4i. It is rumoured that we will see it this year.

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