Tuesday 4 December 2012

Nikon D3200 vs D3100: What to buy?

With the new D3200 on the market this year anyone going for an entry model DSLR from Nikon might wonder if it is a good idea to go for the $120 dollar (as of December 2012) cheaper D3100, which are only about 1 year older.

Well if you go for the D3200 here is what you get extra:
  • A newer and bigger sensor which in test like Dxomark has the D3200 scoring higher in every category and the overall score is 81 vs 67 in D3200 favor. This is a major difference and a high motivator for getting the newer model
  • You get 4 fps vs 3 fps. This isn't much of a difference
  • You can use higher ISO. This is important as many use their camera indoor as well as outdoor. This is a major advantage for the D3200
  • You get a little bit better video options. Not that big a difference
  • You get some more retouch options. Also not a big difference

The only two things going for the D3100 is that you get some smaller image files from the camera, which might be important if you don't have the largest computer for post work and you do a lot of it. And you get the camera $120 dollar cheaper.

The price difference can be big for some people, but for most people you should go for the D3200. It is a clearly better camera that will last longer.

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