Thursday 13 December 2012

Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs 5D Mark II: What to buy?

This year Canon has introduced two new full frame cameras that one might consider if you wanted a new Canon DSLR camera. It is right choice the Canon 5D Mark III or the Canon 6D? Or do you want to go for the older 5D Mark II, which is still available to buy, so which should you buy?

This article will focus on the Canon 5D Mark II vs Canon 5D Mark III, but you might also want to check out the articles about the other combinations:
Here are the reasons that you want to buy a 5D Mark III:
  • Newer and better sensor. It is 81 vs 79 in overall score in DXOMarks with the big difference in high iso performance. So if you do a lot of this kind of shooting then you should go for the 5D Mark III
  • The autofocus system, which one of many drawbacks of the 5D Mark II, has been improved a lot and  is the same in the more expensive professional model. This is a major factor in going for the 5D Mark III
  • The high iso can be maxed out at 102400, which is two step higher than the 5D Mark II
  • You get a 2 fps faster than the 5D Mark II, so that you now can shoot at 6 fps
  • Also you frame rate in video can be set to 50 or 60
The only thing that is going for the 5D Mark II is the price. It is $1200 cheaper, which is a lot. 

If you are on a budget then you should go for the 5D Mark II. It is still a very good camera, but you do get a lot more if you decide to go for the 5D Mark III. Mainly it is better in low light and has a professional autofocus system. 

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