Wednesday 19 December 2012

Nikon D3200 vs D5100: Which to buy?

If you are looking for your fist DSLR camera you choice might come down to the new Nikon D3200 and the Nikon D5100. Both are excellent choice for your first DSLR camera. So which one should you choose?

These are the features that might lead you to choose the Nikon D3200:
- It has a newer and bigger sensor, but if you look closely at the scores the two sensors gets at Dxomark they score almost the same, so performance wise they should be about the same. Things move fast in the digital world, so normaly it would be wise to choose the newer sensor
- It has retouch functions in the camera, where you can do basic things with your photos like at filter effect and more

These are the features that might lead you to choose the Nikon D5100:
- It has a swipe LCD screen as the only model in the Nikon world (the newer brother the Nikon D5200 also has one)
- It has bracketing function. This means that if you have hard light conditions you can take the same picture that are over and under exposed (with more or less light), so you can get the picture with perfect lightning. You can do the same with the Nikon D3200, only here you have to do it manually
- You can push the camera one step higher in ISO, which can be nice in indoor lightning where you don't want to use a flash
- You get 14 bit imageprocessing, which don't really mean much if you just are entering the DSLR world
- You get some more scene selection options. This can be nice if you remember to use them. It preconfigure your camera to a certain situation

The decision is really a draw. You get a couple of more features in the Nikon D5100, but for most people buying their first DSLR this doesn't really mean much. So go out in the store and select the camera you fill are best and with which model that you get the best deal.

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