Thursday 13 December 2012

Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs 6D: What to buy?

This year Canon has introduced two new full frame cameras that one might consider if you wanted a new Canon DSLR camera. It is right choice the Canon 5D Mark III or the Canon 6D? Or do you want to go for the older 5D Mark II, which is still available to buy, so which should you buy?

This article will focus on the Canon 5D Mark II vs Canon 6D, but you might also want to check out the articles about the other combinations:
So here are the reasons that might want to buy the newer Canon 6D:
  •  A newer and better sensor is in the Canon 6D. It scores better in the DXOMarks test with an overall score of 82 for the Canon 6D vs 79 for the 5D Mark II, where the main difference is in the high iso picture ability. If you are shooting a lot of indoor shoots then the Canon 6D might justify the price difference
  • You get a better metering method. The Canon 6D uses the same engine as in the Canon 5D Mark III
  • Autofocus systems are about the same, but real life testing might tell a difference story.
  • You can go higher in ISO with the Canon 6D with a push ability up to ISO 102400.
  • You get 50 and 60 frame rate option in you video mode.
  • You get a 200g lighter body
So here are the reasons why you might go for the cheaper 5D Mark II:
  • You get a lower price where you at the moments saves about $300
  • You get a professional body with no plastic in it, which means that it can take some more physical 
So based on this the recommendation is as follows. If you already have a Canon 5D Mark II then there isn't that much reason for you to get the new Canon 6D. Yes you get a newer and better sensor, but it isn't a huge step forward, so it is better to wait until next round of upgrades comes along. If you have a need for a full frame I would go for the Canon 6D. Yes it is more expensive, but only about 10% which isn't much considering what you get extra.

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