Tuesday 18 December 2012

Nikon D600 vs Canon EOS 6D: What to buy?

Which camera should you choose if you are getting in to DSLR world and you want it to be a full frame camera? From the two major DSLR vendors there are two options. The Canon EOS 6D and the Nikon D600.

So why should you choose the Canon EOS 6D:
- It has build in wifi. You can get it with the Nikon D600, but you have to pay extra for it. I have been waiting for DSLR cameras to get this build into it. If you should a lot of pictures within your home Wifi range this can be a great feature to be able to share your pictures fast, but for me it wouldn't be the killer feature to choose the 6D
- You get a build in GPS. Again you can get it with D600, but it is something you have to pay extra for. This is also a feature I can't understand why it have been included earlier. This is a feature that I really am missing, but I have lived without it for nearly 10 years, so I guess I can live without it a bit longer
- ISO can be pushed to 102400. This is two step higher than on the Nikon. If you are a shooter that takes a lot of pictures inside or it bad light situation this can be a killer feature for you to select this camera, but the Nikon scores higher in low light performance measured by DXOMarks, so at the same ISO you should get a little bit clearer picture with the Nikon

So why should you choose the Nikon D600:
- It has a bigger and better sensor. The scores from Dxomarks is higher in every section, where the overall score is 94 for the Nikon vs 82 for the Canon.
- You get 2 card slots which can be important if you also use the camera for video or if you want to take backup at the moment you shoot the pictues
- You get more features in your autofocus in the Nikon with 39 AF points vs 11 AF points in the 6D
- You get 1 more fps in the D600, but that shouldn't mather very much
- You get 100% viewfinder coverage against 97% in the 6D, which shouldn't mather much either.

So based on this what should you get? Well in my mind it is a draw. You get something with the Canon 6D that you don't get with the Nikon D600 and you get something in the Nikon D600 that you don't get in the Canon 6D. Both are great cameras and should serve you very well. For most of you it is an easy choice as you most likely have gotten stuff from one of these camera makers that might be the deciding factor.

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