Sunday 23 December 2012

Nikon D5100 vs D5200: What to buy?

These two camera models are the in the same product line, where the Nikon D5200 is expected to replace the D5100 model. So which model should you buy and do you get enough extra from buying the new D5200 model?

So here is why you should buy the Nikon D5200:
  • You get a newer and bigger sensor. Where the sensor megapixel has gone up to 24 MP from 16 MP in the Nikon D5100. The D5200 sensor hasn't been measured by Dxomark yet, but expect it to be better than the D5100, but don't expect much. My guess is it will score a little better in each section
  • The D5200 has gotten the metering engine from the older D7000 model, which is considered to be a higher product line. This is very good news as this is an important factor for getting more pictures that have the right exposure
  • You get a better autofocus engine. Again Nikon has taken a feature from the better D7000 and put it into the D5200. This is also important as this make it easier to take sharp pictures.
So why should you buy the Nikon D5100:
  • The only reason is price. The currently about 40% cheaper and this is money you can spend on better lenses or something else.
If you have the money then buy the Nikon D5200. It is clearly the better camera. It begins to be a hard choice when you take into consideration that you will be able to buy a better lens with the Nikon D5100. My advise would be to buy the Nikon D5100 with better lenses for almost anyone except if you shoot a lot of action pictures where the better autofocus system might come into great use.
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