Tuesday 27 November 2012

Canon DSLR prediction 2013 (7D Mark II and more)

I have done the DSLR prediction for Nikon and now is the time for Canon. Canon has over the last couple of years announced 2-4 models each year, so it is very likely that 2013 will be the same.

The easy part is that there will be a 7D Mark II model. It seem like the battle between Nikon and Canon will focus on this segment in the start of the year. Who will arrive first and how will they match up against each other. Only time will tell. This would be the high end model from Canon in the APS-C world.

In the second part of the year the semi-professional model 60D will be upgraded to a 70D model with some of the same features as in the 7D Mark II, but in a smaller scale where some of the more advanced features have been removed.

A guess could be the entry model 650D also gets replaced as it has been upgrade each year for the last couple of years, but I think Canon will skip next year with no upgrade to the entry model, so there will be no Canon 700D.

Just like with Nikon I believe that both companies wants to introduce a cheaper model below the 6D and it should be interesting to see if 2013 will be the year for this. I believe that Canon will ship one for the Christmas season of 2013 for around $1400.

It will be also be interesting to see if Canon will play the high megapixel game that Nikon started with their Nikon D800.

Canon will deliver at least one Full-frame DSLR camera next year. So I guess that will round it up. Two models for APS-C market and one for the Full-frame market.

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