Monday 5 November 2012

Do you have the right Nikon standard zoom lens?

Do you think you have the right standard zoom lens for your Nikon DSLR or are you looking for a new lens to your system. Take a look at this analysis I have created for you. It lists a lot of articles about the different options that you have:

It is the professionel lenses that tops the list which doesn't come as any surprise. The big surprise is that one of the lenses from the film days are doing very well here in the new full frame world. And guess what I have that lens and it has been packed away for 8 years and I even thought that I would sell it to help pay for the new Nikon body, but know I am going to keep it until I decide to upgrade my standard zoom.

If there are any other lenses you are looking for take a look here to start your research or just get an overview over which are available. You might even learn something about the lenses that you already have.

If you have written an article yourself about the lens (doesn't even have to be an review). Let me know, so we can get a good collection of articles about the Nikon lenses.

More is coming soon and the goal is to also have Canon lists by the end of the year. Enjoy ;-)

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