Monday 11 February 2013

Nikon D7000 vs D90: An upgrade option?

Do you have a Nikon D90 or something similar and are looking at an upgrade? Well you could wait for the Nikon D7100, but you could also get a good deal on a Nikon D7000. So what kind of benefits do you get by choosing the Nikon D7000?

Here is what is better in the Nikon D7000:
  • The sensor in the Nikon D7000 is 16 megapixel, where it is only 12 megapixel in the Nikon D90. You also get a nice increase in image performance by getting the newer Nikon D7000, where it is better in every area
  • The Nikon D90 has a second card slot, so you will either be able to record more images/movies or you can use the second card slot to backup the images/movies just when you shoot them
  • You get a professional viewfinder in the Nikon D7000 that shows you the complete frame and doesn't  hide a bit of the border as it does in the Nikon D90
  • The Nikon D7000 can shoot at the speed of a professional camera with the 1/8000, but not many people need this speed
  • The Nikon D7000 can shoot a bit faster with 6 frames per second, where the Nikon D90 only can manage 4.5 frames per second. This could be a great upgrade if you are a wildlife/action photographer or shoot these subjects a lot
  • The metering system in the Nikon D7000 is an upgrade from the Nikon D90, so there is a better chance of getting a correctly exposed picture in hard light situations
  • The ISO can be pushed to ISO 25600 which is two steps higher than the Nikon D90, which gives you the option to shoot more pictures in the dark without have a flash
  • The autofocus system is an upgrade too compared to the Nikon D90. It has more options and a faster autofocus, which should benefit you when you shoot action filled pictures
  • The video options in the D7000 has greatly improved since they were introduced in the Nikon D90 for Nikon SLR cameras
If you choose to take one of the great deals that are bound to come along as we are getting closer to a Nikon D7100 (which are expected to be introduced in the market this year) then you will get a great number of features that will make it more fun to be a photographer. You could wait for the Nikon D7100, but all bets are on it being more expensive and not be as huge upgrade from the Nikon D7100 as the Nikon D7000 is for the Nikon D90. 

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