Wednesday 16 January 2013

Nikon D5100 vs Nikon D7000: what to buy?

The two cameras uses the same sensor, so a good question is which camera should you buy. The cheaper Nikon D5100 or the more expensive Nikon D7000?

Here is what you get extra if you buy the Nikon D7000:

  • You get a camera with two card slots. This can be very nice if you shoot video or you just want a backup of your pictures.
  • You get a bigger viewfinder with complete coverage of the scene
  • You get a camera that can autofocus with older non AF-S lenses. If you have a good deal of those then you should choose this model
  • You get a camera that can shoot 1/8000 second. I don't think I have shoot at that speed ever
  • You get a flash sync speed of 1/250. If you just are an amateur this really doesn't mean much.
  • You get a camera that can shoot 2 frames per second faster. If you shoot action or wildlife this can be a deciding factor for you
  • You get a better metering system, so there is a better chance of getting a good exposure of the picture
  • And you get a better autofocus system that makes it easier to get a sharp image
Here is what you get in the Nikon D5100:
  • It is a cheaper body
  • You get a flip LCD screen
  • and it is a bit smaller and doesn't weigth as much
The sensor in the two cameras performs at the same level, so there shouldn't be any difference in the image quality you get out of the camera.

In some cases where you have older lenses or you shoot a lot of action/wildlife it would be wise to go for the more expensive D7000 model, but otherwise you will be better off choosing the Nikon D5100. 

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