Monday 14 January 2013

Canon 60D vs the Canon 7D: What to buy?

Are you in the market for a good Canon camera you might need to choose between the Canon 7D and the Canon 60D. They look a lot a like, so what is the difference?

Here is what makes the Canon 60D different:
  • It has a flip screen like you might know from point-and-shoot cameras. This might be a deciding factor if you use live view a lot for shooting pictures or video.
  • It has a little bit higher resolution, but not by much. Most people wouldn't know the difference
  • It is a bit smaller and lighter, but again not by much
  • It uses SD cards, which can be a deciding factor if you already have these kind of memory cards
Here is what make the Canon 7D different:
  • It has a better autofocus system with 19 AF points where the Canon 60D only has 9 AF points. This translate to faster and more precise autofocus, so if you shoot a lot of action or wildlife picture you really want to choose the Canon 7D
  • It is possible to make autofocus adjustments on you lenses. The adjustments is there to fine-tune the combination of lens and camera. Most people wouldn't use this feature
  • It has a 100% viewfinder compared to a 96% in the Canon D60. What you loose is the border part in you pictures in the Canon 60D. Just a very small part
  • It can shoot more pictures per second with 8 fps vs 5.3 fps. If you shoot wildlife or action scenes this is important
  • It uses compact flash card, so this can be a deciding factor, but memory cards are pretty cheap these days, so most likely not the deciding factor
  • It has a professional build quality body in magnesium
  • It has two image processor to process the pictures
  • and the output of the sensor is almost the same with just a very minor advantage to the Canon 7D
The decision really comes down to if you shoot a lot of wildlife and action scenes. Here you will really benefits from the Canon 7D. If this isn't the case then save the money and buy the Canon 60D.

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