Tuesday 1 January 2013

Canon 600D/T3i vs 1100D/T3: What to buy?

If you are looking for your first Canon Digital SLR camera then you might wonder if you should get the Canon 600D/T3i or the Canon 1100D/T3.

So here is why you should buy the Canon 600D/T3i:
  • You get a bigger and better sensor, where the sensor rating at Dxomarks gives it a 65 vs 62. This means that you get better picture quality, but your picture files will also be larger
  • You will be able to take pictures at higher ISO, where you can push it up to ISO 25600. This means that you will be able to take pictures in dark situations without the flash.
  • You get a little bit bigger LCD screen with higher resolution. This is important as you will be able to review you pictures better
  • You get a camera that is capable of shooting full HD video. If you will use the camera to shoot a lot of home video it great resolution, then this is the camera to get.
So here is why you should buy the Canon 1100D/T3:
  • You get a camera that is a little bit lighter. 50g or about a chocolate bar. Not much.
  • It is presently (January 2013) about $150 dollar cheaper
You really get a lot of extra good features with the Canon 600D/T3i, so if you have the money and are not on a tight budget you really should go for the Canon 600D/T3i instead of the Canon 1100D/T3.

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