Tuesday 5 February 2013

Canon 600D/T3i vs Canon 60D: What to buy?

Two camera models that are not that far apart, but what is the difference and should you spend the extra money on the more expensive Canon 60D?

Here is what makes the Canon 60D better than the Canon 600D:

  • The size of the sensor is about the same, but the performance that comes out of the sensor is better in the Canon 60D, but the difference is minimal, so for most they wouldn't know the difference
  • The Canon 60D can shoot at the speed of 1/8000, but this isn't important as most photographers will never get close to using this speed
  • The Canon 60D can shoot pictures faster with 5 frames per second vs 3.7 frames per second in the 600D. This is important if you shoot action or wildlife. It could be the frame that captures just the right moment
  • The autofocus point in the Canon 60D is cross-type AF points and this is important as it will make it easier to capture a sharp image
  • The Canon 60D have more custom option which translate into a camera that is easier to customize to you kind of shooting
  • The build quality of the Canon 60D is better with more protection against water and dust (to a certain amount)
  • The battery life is a lot better in the Canon 60D, so it will last you longer before you have to recharge or change battery
Here is what makes the Canon 600D better than the Canon 60D:
  • The camera body is smaller and lighter 
The price difference is currently (February 2013) about $160 dollar and I think you get a lot of extra good features for that amount, so if I were to buy a new Canon body and the choice came down to the Canon 600D or the Canon 60D. I would buy the Canon 60D. The Canon 600D is still a good camera, but just not as good as the Canon 60D.

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