Thursday 20 September 2012

Nikon D800, Nikon D600 do I regret my choice after DXOmarks

Well the DXOMarks for Nikon D600 is out and it is surprising high rating for the sensor and getting very close to the Nikon D800. So close that it might even have been nummer 1 if there are any kind of uncertainty in their tests as one might suspect there are.

That leads to the question if I regret buying the Nikon D800 a couple of days ago. Yes I could have saved some money, but I am still a believer in that the Nikon D800 would last me longer than the Nikon D600 would have. I have no idea if it would last me as long as my Nikon D2X (7½ year), but I think it is going to be close to that.

The sensor is still better than the Nikon D600 with more crop options and a better resolution on the DX format. It has the 5:4 and 1:1.2 mode where I am going to test how a DX lens is going to behave on these modes and what you can use them for. There are a lot of other better features in the Nikon D800.

The price difference here in Denmark is still very minimal compared to the US, so with that little price difference and a beautiful autumn coming here in Denmark it is still the best choice for me.

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