Tuesday 26 November 2013

Fujifilm 2013 year in review and Christmas shopping list(Fujifilm X-E2)

Fujifilm used the year to expand the X-System and X-Serie systems with new cameras and more lenses. The year was more a evolution than a revolution.

Lens choices have been expanded so that people that uses the Fujifilm X-System cameras have more lenses to make a choice from. The lenses that Fujifilm have introduced are all at a good price point compared to what rival lenses from other camera companies are charging for their similar lens for their system.

Three new camera bodies were introduced by Fujifilm in 2013. One is a new version of the an existing camera, where the main upgrade is the sensor, but also the autofocus speed has gotten a good upgrade in the Fujifilm X-E2 model. The two other models (X-A1 and X-M1) are almost identically with only part of the image processing being different.

Three premium compact cameras saw the daylight in 2013. Where the focus is to combine great image sensors with some great compact camera lenses to create a winning combination for those photographers that just want a small quick camera with great image quality.
And the best of the years from Fujifilm are:
  • Best new lens: XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS - telezoom coming to X-Serie cameras and with good performance
  • Best new X-Serie body: Fujifilm X-E2 - new sensor with better image quality and faster autofocus speed is a great package
  • Best new X-System camera: Fujifilm X20 - Great zoom lens combined with a great sensor and with a viewfinder at a great price
And the Fujifilm camera equipment of the year is: Fujifilm X20.

A lot of great products by Fujifilm this year and a lot of good option for Christmas presents to your wife/husband/child with a love for photography or just your Christmas present for yourself. I hope you will support my hard work with the indexes by buying your Christmas present from the Amazon links on this page or the index pages. You pay the same, and I get a small commission. Have a great holiday season.

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