Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sony 2013 year in review and Christmas shopping list (Sony A7 and more)

It has been a very busy year for Sony this year. A year that Sony has used to moved from having SLR cameras as their top model to having mirrorless cameras as their top model. Sony have also used the year to create a new type of camera equipment. The Sony CyberShot QX which is a lens and sensor for your smartphone.

The A-mount didn't get the main focus this year from Sony, but Sony still managed to update three lenses to "second edition" and Zeiss created one of their lenses with a A-mount.
The E-mount had a big year. The reason for this big year was that Sony decided to launch full frame mirrorless cameras based on the E-mount. So if Sony wants theses cameras to be a success you need to have different lenses available as this is half the equation to making great pictures. There is a total of 10 lenses from Sony this year with a E-mount on it. The focus of these lenses is to cover the main area that most people shoot photographs in from wide angle to medium telephoto. Many of the most popular ranges got several new options.

Two new A-mount SLR cameras got introduced this year by Sony. One is an cheap entry level model for people that just getting started with photography and want to be able to expand in the world of photography. The other is the model above with a little more functionality but still at a cheap price.

Two APS-C mirrorless cameras and two full frame mirrorless cameras got introduced by Sony. Most were surprised by Sony releasing two full frame mirrorless cameras in a very compact body and with a price that is very competitive to other full frame cameras.

A new way of thinking photography where Sony have taken some good quality equipment from some of their top compact cameras and made a lens camera that is controlled by the smart phone. So far the first reviews and impressions haven't been all positive, so expect products that might not be perfect in their first editions.
Two of the high end compact cameras got a refresh version to improve all ready great cameras. The Sony CyberShot RX10 looks like a great camera for those photographers that don't want to have an interchangeable solution, but still wants range and great image quality.

Here are my awards for Sony products 2013:
  • Best new A-mount lens: Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 (SAL-70400G2) - a great "second edition" that have a great range.
  • Best new E-mount lens: Sony E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS (SELP18105G) - if you don't jump on the full frame mirrorless waggon. This sure sounds like a great lens at a great price.
  • Best new A-mount body: Sony ILCE 3000 - isn't the best camera, but the price is so very low that it is getting close to competing with many compact cameras
  • Best new E-mount body: Sony A7 - Feature wise this camera is a little bit better than the A7R with more autofocus options, little bit more fps, better flash sync speed and it is a lot cheaper than the A7R. Overall this is just a better deal and you can use the saved money on better lenses.
  • Best new compact camera: Sony Cybershot RX10 - might be a little bit big for a compact camera, but the combination of a great sensor with a great zoom range at a constant aperture looks like a good combination. Price might be a little to high
And the Sony camera equipment of the year is: Sony A7 - small power camera body with a great set of features and with a great price.

A lot of great products by Sony this year and a lot of good option for Christmas presents to your wife/husband/child with a love for photography or just your Christmas present for yourself. I hope you will support my hard work with the indexes by buying your Christmas present from the Amazon links on this page or the index pages. You pay the same, and I get a small commission. Have a great holiday season.

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