Friday 8 November 2013

Canon 2013 year in review and Christmas shopping list (Canon EOS 70D)

It has been a disappointed year for Canon and Canon users. Lets look at what Canon decided to bring to the table in 2013.

Four lenses were introduced from Canon this year and it is two in the very high end and two in the very low end, nothing for the Canon photographer fan to lust after, what a disappointment. Canon already have a lot of great lenses, so maybe there isn't need for upgrades, but I am sure that there are some areas like wide angle zoom lenses that could use a new lens...
Canon brought three camera models to the market in 2013. All were APS-C products with the most of them being expected upgrades to existing models, but Canon did make a surprise in the Canon EOS 100D that is one of Canons answer to the growing mirrorless market. A year that were would you could expect from Canon, but a disappointment that they didn't do more in the full frame market.

  • Canon EOS 100D (average rating: 76%) - $550 buy at Amazon (As noted above it was a surprise that Canon announced this product, but on the other hand Canon had to response to the growing mirrorless market and Canon EOS M hasn't been a hit)
  • Canon EOS 700D (average rating: 79%) - $650 buy at Amazon (A small evolution from the previous model and comes with a better silent standard zoom lens)
  • Canon EOS 70D (average rating: 86%) - $1000 buy at Amazon (Great innovation with the autofocus module and finally a DSLR model with wifi module. Now they just need to add the GPS module)
Canon have made almost no appearance on the mirrorless and big sensor compact market. The only product that they have delivered so far is the Canon EOS M, who had autofocus issues. The year 2013 didn't bring anything new to the table other that one new lens for the Canon EOS M system and that is enough if you want to have your customers to buy into your system.
Here are my awards for Canon products 2013:
  • Canon lens of the year: Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM ("Compact" super zoom with great image quality for the professional photographers)
  • Canon camera body of the year: Canon EOS 70D (Without question the best and most innovative camera from Canon this year)
  • Canon small system product of the year: Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM (There isn't really any choice..)
And my Canon 2013 product of the year: Canon EOS 70D

Not that many great products by Canon this year, but maybe you still will be able to find a good option for Christmas presents to your wife/husband/child with a love for photography or just your Christmas present for yourself. I hope you will support my hard work with the indexes by buying your Christmas present from the Amazon links on this page or the index pages. You pay the same, and I get a small commission. Have a great holiday season.

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