Tuesday 12 March 2013

Nikon D7100 vs D3000: what is the difference?

Your first SLR camera might be the Nikon D3000 and you are looking to move on to a more advance camera. Here the Nikon D7100 might be one of the cameras that you are considering. Look here to see what you get extra.

Before we look at the difference you should know that the Nikon D7100 is a completely different camera that is targeting the more advance photographers and you don't get the quick shooting modes as you get in the Nikon D3000, so you should be prepare to make more choices yourself about how to take the pictures.

Here is what is better in the Nikon D7100

  • The sensor is a great improvement from the Nikon D3000. You get a 24 megapixel sensor with great improvements in every category. The only thing you have to worry about regarding the sensor is that it produces larger image files, so you need bigger memory cards and you need larger storage to keep the files. This is very important for the end result of your images
  • You get an option to do more cropping at the time you shoot the picture as the Nikon D7100 has a 1.3x crop factor, where it is the center of the sensor that is used. This is great for wildlife. If you are shooting wildlife this is an important factor.
  • The Nikon has two memory card slots and uses the same memory card standard as the Nikon D3000. The second card slot can be used to store more pictures/movies as you shoot or it can be used to great a backup just as you are taking the picture. This is nice to have feature, but most people can live without it.
  • The viewfinder in the Nikon D7100 is larger and with full frame coverage, so it be real pleasure for you to take pictures by using the viewfinder. This is great to have, but not that important feature
  • The Nikon D7100 can auto focus with older non AF-S lenses, so you have a larger option of lenses that you can use which works just as well as the AF-S lenses. If you have older lenses this can be very important to you.
  • The Nikon D7100 gives you an extra step in shutter speed, so you can use 1/8000 second. Not really important as many doesn't even get to this speed.
  • The metering in Nikon D7100 is better, so there is a greater chance of a picture with the right exposure. This is important if you take a lot of pictures in hard light situations.
  • The Nikon D7100 has bracketing functionality which can be a great tool to have if you shoot pictures in hard light situations, where you are not sure of the correct exposure and want to have picture taken at different exposures when you get back from taking pictures
  • The ISO level can be pushed to ISO 25600 which is 3 stop higher than the Nikon D3000. This is a really important factor for those that want to take pictures without flash in dark situations
  • The autofocus system is among the best you can get in the Nikon D7100, so you will have a great chance of getting a sharp picture and it will autofocus very quickly. Along with the sensor improvements this just might be one of the most important features in switching to Nikon D7100.
  • The Nikon D7100 has a great video mode that so you can shoot video with your DSLR camera. This isn't a part of the features in the Nikon D3000.
  • The build quality of the Nikon D7100 is a lot better and you can feel the quality as you pick up the camera.

These are the main reasons why you might want to go after the Nikon D7100. There are many smaller changes like better self-timer functions and more, which should also pleasure you. The things you are giving up are that you will get a camera that is bigger and more heavy. Another thing as I mention above is that you have to make more choices about taking pictures yourself, where you get a lot of guidance in the Nikon D3000.

The Nikon D7100 is a great place to move on from the Nikon D3000. You will get a lot of extra new features, but you will also have a lot of new things to learn as the Nikon D7100 is targeting the more advance photographers, so if you think you a ready for a more advance camera then the Nikon D7100 is an excellent choice.

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