Monday 15 October 2012

Lens database

As I wrote in my former blog entry I am going create a collection of reviews/test from around the web on different kind of lenses that Nikon has made.

Since the last blog entry I have changed my mind and I am doing the collection in groups that are related, so that you will be able to see every lens with reviews in a category at the same time.

The lens are sorted by average image quality that the review/test have given the lens. As review/test are done at different point in time and with different camera bodies this can be a little misleading about which lens is the best, but it should give you a good idea about with lens is the best in certain category.

If there is a review/test that is missing and you think should be on the list. Just leave a comment on the page and I will add it to the collection.

If you see a lens that should be on the list. Leave a comment, but wait until the group is published.

Also leave a comment if there are some main points that you disagree with or that you think should be added.

The first part that is ready is the Nikon primes in normal range with more to come in the coming weeks as I go through each group. Once this is done I might look at different brands that also might fit Nikon bodies or maybe Canon lenses in the same way. Any ideas are welcome :-)

I hope this will help you (and me) in deciding which lenses to keep and which to buy and maybe use your collection of lenses better.

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