Tuesday 25 February 2014

Nikon D4S first thoughts (not really much news and how high can you get...)

Details were announced today about the Nikon D4S and not surprisingly there isn't that much news about the updated version of the Nikon D4 on the surface.

Nikon D4S product image from front
But with this camera I am sure that the juicy part is in the details and could make a difference for the professional photographer that needs the best and wants to spend the most time on photographing and not the workflow afterwards.

Most important is that it is the first DSLR camera that can be pushed to ISO 409600. The previous Nikon D4 can hit ISO 204800 and the most important competition, the Canon EOS 1D-X, can just like the Nikon D4 hit the ISO 204800. Time will tell if the new ISO 409600 is something that can be used.

Follow the Nikon D4S at Nikon Index.

Here are some interesting compares with other camera models:

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